September 21, 2022

when we gain new, valuable partners, there’s simply no room for modesty

On most days, we like to think of ourselves as modest. However, when we gain new, valuable partners, there’s simply no room for modesty – nor for holding back.


This week, we are beyond thrilled to announce that we have partnered up with Kunskapspartner, a Sweden-based consultancy company that recognized our shining potential. For some context, Kunskapspartner is a consultancy company that primarily deals with strategical and leadership development. In terms of key services, the company offers top-tier steering committee evaluations and development. What sets them apart from everyone else on the market, however, is most certainly their approach, which combines their theoretical knowledge and a state-of-the-art digital platform, allowing them to execute concrete improvement actions.

How does Northprim fit into this story?

Sitting down to talk, we wanted to get to know each other better in order to assess the best possible way to work together. Like we mentioned, Kunskapspartner is already well-established in the Swedish market. However, they decided that it was high time to move on to a global expansion! Or at least some more international recognition to begin with. 

For this reason, Northprim was hired as a trusted advisor for Kunskapspartner with a well-defined mission: to help them launch their exquisite services internationally. We take our part in their goal seriously and that will include:


  • Assessing the go-to market strategy for the pinpointed European markets of interest
  • Assessing the compliance of the current digital platform and fit for the planned expansion
  • Concrete advice on the go-to market strategy, with special focus on digital marketing
  • Working side by side with Kunskapspartner to produce a blueprint for their future tech platform


Stay tuned to witness greatness in the making and we will make sure to update you on our exciting work with Kunskapspartner!

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