Tech is taking over travel

– are you ready to keep up or risk being left behind?

Your checklist:

Tick all items from the list and prepare for a smooth transition with Northprim.

It is a new age in the travel industry. If you are not sure where to go?

Always go North!

Old-world EDIFACT protocol technically didn’t allow content distribution and customer data acquisition, so major airlines such as Lufthansa, British Airways and Air Canada have developed their own NDC solutions!
Northprim has already collaborated with TravelOperations and Antares and created optimal solutions. The ERP is the core of any business and needs to be handled delicately so as not to disturb the daily business and at the same time keeping the transition costs at low.

Catch up with the latest travel trends – with Northprim.

The official list of NDC adopters mentions over 245 companies, which include airlines, IT providers, sellers, and aggregators.
There are three distinct ways to use the XML channel for distributing airline content:
  1. Airline NDC or direct connection with carriers via their own NDC API,
  2. GDS NDC, and
  3. NDC platforms and IT providers.
Northprim has over 15 years of experience in ERP projects.

We are pros in both leading and driving the change project when implementing a new ERP.

Northprim can also help you with:

Project management Implementation of Travel Operations Testing Migration Go-Live and Operations
  1. Project management
  2. Implementation of Travel Operations
  3. Testing
  4. Migration
  5. Go-Live and Operations

Case study - DIB Travel

DIB Travel is a Swedish business travel company that is now a pioneer of complete digitalization of travel using game-changing tech innovation.
Our Northprim pros have developed a SaaS platform for corporate travel management, including travel booking and billing. Result: a platform that makes business travel an enjoyable and convenient experience which allows our customers to book their entire trip in one place.
We were faced with serious challenges:
  • 5 DIB employees + a few consultants
  • Need of aggressive scale up to build the platform
  • General lack of Tech and Product people in the market
This is how we handled it:
  • Opened a development hub on behalf of DIB
  • Recruited 40 tech people during a course of 9 months
  • Built a development organization by establishing 5 product teams, set development-, release- and production maintenance processes

We would be happy to talk to you about your NDC/GDS integration journey