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Nordkap is a Swedish FinTech startup/scaleup whose mission is to make Treasury Management for Real Estate companies easier. Nordkap has a Cloud SaaS solution that has proven to be the leader in the industry. Having many large Real Estate development companies in Sweden as customers, Nordkap is on a mission to expand to other Nordic countries as well.

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An existing product feature that is working but has proven to be very time consuming to maintain and offer to new customers

Nordkap’s product is always evolving and they are always looking for ways to improve existing features, apart from implementing new ones. But, sometimes a company has to admit that if maintaining a feature becomes a choke point, even if that feature is working and the clients using it are satisfied, redoing it is the right way forward. The only issue is, where to find the time and the manpower for doing work that will bring no value to the existing customers, and potentially little new value to the future customers. The goal was then to recreate an existing product feature in order to lower maintenance and new customer onboarding time and do all that with limited resources.


An remote team of IT professionals skilled in FinTech and the Cloud

One of Northprim’s main focus areas is outsourcing development services to its customers. In Nordkap’s case, experienced IT consultants were dedicated to recreate the existing product feature. Along with a Product Owner that came from Nordkap’s side, they made a small but very agile and innovative team that built the existing feature again, but with maintenance and customer onboarding in mind.

Even though the team was made entirely out of Northprim’s developers, they were all completely integrated into Nordkap as a company. An excellent consultant onboarding process resulted in a very high team velocity from the start of the project and quick value delivery. In fact, the team was performing so well that other teams started to look up to it as examples of good practices.


A fully functional MVP solution and plans for adding more value in the future

The initial goal of the project was to create an MVP solution to validate the effectiveness of the new solution. The MVP that was created had the same functionality as the existing feature and it lowered customer onboarding time by 4 times. The feedback from both the clients and the employees was extremely positive, they described the new solution as easy to use and it gave them more control over what is happening. In fact, the outcome was so good that the idea of feature parity between the new and the existing solution was surpassed and new features are planned for the coming period.


Nordkap’s issue is definitely common in the software industry and they were adamant in their mission to solve it. Requesting and getting new resources in an always packed startup/scale-up schedule is never easy. Northprim’s offer of a team of outsourced consultants with an affordable price was perfectly in line with the request. The impact the team had on existing company employees and teams by setting up good examples is just added value.

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