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Clean Tech

KP Energy

The Nordic region’s largest wholesaler of solar energy, charging infrastructure, energy storage and they are a leading actor in Clean Tech business in Sweden.

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KP Energy is Sweden’s leading distributor in solar energy, charging infrastructure, and energy storage and is part of OK-Q8 AB. They deliver products and systems to hundreds of retailers in the Nordic region.

KP Energy also provides a comprehensive range of significant services such as digital tools, design assistance, training, financing solutions, installation-as-a-service, and top-class technical support. KP Energy’s focus is primarily on logistics, transport, and warehousing processes which ensure fast deliveries with good delivery precision of both individual products as well as complete systems.

With a deep understanding of KP Energy’s business model and vision, Northprim is helping KP Energy with senior IT strategy advisory and execution in areas of E-commerce, MarTech, IT Organisation, IT architecture, Logistics and Agile way of working.

KP Energy
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