Northprim pros are no strangers to delicate wine flavors. So imagine how thrilled we felt when we got to work with Wineally!


Wineally is an application that enables its users to find the perfect wine-and-meal combination in all stores and restaurants with the Wineally license. Additionally, Wineally has a huge database that is not final, where new items are added daily!

Let’s break this project down into separate points:

  • Wineally is primarily meant for manufacturers, sellers and restaurants
  • Wine sellers have their own stock registry that doesn’t necessarily resemble the Wineally one
  • The aim of this project was to create an algorithm that helps identify wine brands from the lists provided by the sellers – all within Wineally’s data base
  • The perfect blend of Python’s capabilities and speed resulted in a reliable app that sorts one merchant’s wine accurately with the following end-scenarios:

  1. Exact match found (manufacturer, wine, year, bottle)
  2. Missing year or bottle for selected manufacturer or wine
  3. The selected wine is not in Wineally’s base – will be added 
Wineally project
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