Kunskapspartner is a consultancy company, with roots in research and organisational development, which offers services within strategical and leadership development. One of their core services is to perform steering committee evaluations and development. Their approach combines their theoretical knowledge and a digital platform, allowing them to execute concrete improvement actions.


The initial dialogue between Kunskapspartner and Northprim was explorative and the main themes focused around the way Northprim’s experience in digital strategy, marketing and development skills could prove useful for Kunskpaspartner and their journey.

Kunskapspartner has a great know-how in how to run and evaluate steering committees. Their extensive experience in evaluating corporate board work is well-recognized in the Swedish market and a vision was formulated to increase their presence also internationally. 

Today, Kunskapspartner is running its services on a composed tech platform, offering structured Steering Committee evaluation and evolution management.  In order to launch its services internationally, Northprim has been employed as a trusted advisor to:

  • Assess go-to market strategy for the pinpointed European markets of interest

  • Assess the compliance of the current digital platform and fit for the planned expansion

  • Advise on the go-to market strategy, with focus on digital marketing

  • Work side by side with Kunskapspartner to produce a blueprint for their future tech platform
Kunkskapspartner northprim
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