iPool is a company which offers custome developed and user-friendly solutions for personnel systems, primarily within retail. The system comprises web-based portal solutions which, together with apps, makes it easy to use for both employees and managers. It streamlines and simplifies staffing, scheduling, and communication between employers and employees. It is easy to use and to get started with, which is why several major retail chains are using ipool’s system today.


Today, more than 1700 Nordic workplaces are using ipool’s solution daily to manage staffing, communication, scheduling, time system, and planning.
Northprim helped Ipool with strengthening their inhouse development team by providing skilled and amable developers that easily integrated into the existing Ipool team. Technologies: .NET Core, Angular
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More great projects we done
Wisentic northprim



Wisentic offers configurable online services to the insurance industry, with the goal to provide the end customers an easier insurance handling process, reducing the administration with the insurance companies.
Nordcap northprim



Nordkap is a Swedish FinTech startup/scaleup whose mission is to make Treasury Management for Real Estate companies easier. Nordkap has a Cloud SaaS solution that has proven to be the leader in the industry.