DIB Travel is a prize awarded platform for corporate travel that is disrupting the corporate travel industry. DIB travel e-commerce platform is a custom built SaaS platform that enables content with its powerful integrations towards Expedia and, as well as E2E financial flow.


Northprim happily helped DIB Travel with:

  • Setting up the IT – Tech organisation and Ways of Working
  • Scaling the Tech team with 35 people during course of 1 year
  • Development of new functionalities and maintaining existing ones
    • SaaS management and billing engine
    • Single Sign on – SSO and SCIM User Provisioning
    • Order and Checkout
    • Payment with Stripe and VCC
    • ERP integration MS Dynamics 
    • Analytics and reporting
    • API development (REST)
  • Investigation and implementation of QA strategies and tools
  • Produced Infrastructure cloud provider migration plan
  • Security and data privacy assessment and support for ISO-certifications
  • Tech Stacks used: Java, Spring Boot, MySQL, MongoDB, Maven
DIB travel northprim
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