October 5, 2020

Let me introduce you to Ognjen!

A true team player and great coordinator that always puts the collectives goal and wellbeing first. Thrives in a team and he is a person that really makes your culture flourish.

In many ways the year 2020 has been strange for most people but in Ognjens case, life brightened in September when the love of his life said yes when he proposed on his knees! (A true romantic he is..)

Ognjen and his brother were born and raised in Belgrade with a father that was a pioneer in programming. You could call them all an engineering family! Ognjen knew from an early age what he was destined to do when he grew older. His destiny was to become an awesome programmer! (And now we can clearly see that he was right, delivering world class code every single day..)

Sports have always taken a big part of Ognjen’s life. As you might have guessed already team sports are his favorite. As a youngster he played handball for many years but nowadays he keeps fit by playing football and recreational swimming.

If (and we guess you do..) count e-sport as a sport you would really like Ognjen to be in your team, if you are in the opponent team you would probably get your arse whooped..

Ognjen has two other big interests and preferable in combination, travels and nature! Top of his bucket list you can find an adventurous trip to Island experiencing the spectacles of nature. But that trip has to wait.. First stop on his honeymoon will be Madeira!

We are all proud to call Ognjen a “star of Northprim” and most of all a friend!

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