September 24, 2020

Meet Predrag!

A great developer and a fantastic colleague, always with a joke at hand!

Predrag is true lover of summer, sun, travels and programming. He is a former basketball fanatic but with age comes wisdom.. Nowadays Predrag prefers recreational swimming and back bending yoga!

Predrag is a senior developer with extensive knowledge both of front and back end with more than 10 years of experience.

During his 2.5 years at Northprim he has been loved by our customers for his knowledge and will to always improve.

Predrag is born in the small town of Valjevo, 100 km from Belgrade, where he spent his youth studying, playing basketball and helping at the family restaurant. (Yes he knows one or two things about good food and tasty cocktails…)

College lured Predrag to the capital, Belgrade where he spent a couple of years deepening his knowledge in programming and he got his first real job, programming microchip, in 2009. Predrag is a typical full stack developer with extensive experience from both front and back end.

Since programming microchip he has worked as a consultant with programming for both American, German, Serb and Swedish companies but now he has found his future!

Since I first came to Sweden the amazing summer of 2018 and had the opportunity to work with interesting projects I have fallen in love with Sweden and swedes, at least in the summer time

If you want to discuss philosophy, ancient Greek, Egyptian history or Pink floyd’s best songs you can spend hours with Predrag and a couple of cold beers. Preferable in Spain where he loves to spend some of his spare time…

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