October 14, 2020


Maybe you have already worked or with outsourcing and know this can be anything from HR and marketing to IT development or management.

There are many different reasons why Nordic companies outsource parts or entire departments of what is not their “core competence”. It is usually a simple matter of cost reduction but it can also be a lack of local talent or competence.

We at Northprim have broad experience with IT outsourcing in both Europe and Asia. This has taught us both the benefits and the challenges of standard outsourcing. The downsides often include uneven delivery, cultural differences that lead to communication challenges, time differences and “us-VS-them” moments.

Northprim’s concept Smartshoring takes precisely this into account and offers a mix of Swedish strategy and project management with Serbian knowledge and cutting-edge expertise.

5 reasons why Smartshoring makes you smart:

  • Our Swedish company has its offices in central Stockholm and Lund
  • Cost efficiency is 40-60% lower compared to other Swedish consultants
  • Competence – Northprim boasts consultants with relevant knowledge and broad experience
  • Flexibility – you can easily start up, scale up or down projects with Northprim
  • We are part of the culture – with direct flights in the same time zone, you experience that our consultants are part of your culture and community

Let us tell you more about how we can help you enjoy a smarter everyday life!

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