September 30, 2022

CEO: creative, enthusiastic, organized. Meet Lidaw!

It’s plain as day that a company is only as great as the people in it. Since we have Lidaw on our side, the future is looking bright! This week, you can meet our very own CEO and get to know him better through some fun questions!


  1. Describe your daily routine?

    I start my mornings by reviewing my task list and sales pipe in Hubspot. Most of my working hours pass in calls, emails and follow-ups with prospective customers. I also try to expand my network on LinkedIn regularly and connect with new, inspiring people. Next, I move on to regular team meetings to align and follow up on all activities in the company, and, finally, I organise and attend customer meetings to make most of all opportunities for new collaborations.

  2. What is a movie you can rewatch 10 more times?

    Black Panther! It’s my go-to.

  3. Name a few guilty pleasures of yours!

    Hm, if I had to pick a few I guess it would be whisky, trading and the stock market.

  4. What gives you the drive to excel professionally?

    It’s definitely new challenges and breaking new terrains in my own way. I hate when people say: it is not possible. Most things can be solved with creativity, resilience and focus – though it’s never easy to channel all of that, it’s definitely no impossible.

  5. Whats one professional skill youre currently working on improving?

    I can’t single out just one, so I’ll have to say both patience and resilience. I like when things go fast. But in a B2B relationship, it takes time to build relationships as you are working with people. Take it one step at a time!

  6. Whats one thing that surprised you about working at Northprim? 

    The level of communication and the open exploratory nature. We do not have all the answers but you are encouraged to investigate, assess and present your findings. It is well-recognized that there is one equation and one right answer. However, what people tend to disregard is that there are many ways to find the answer. In Northprim, you are encouraged to find one that’s uniquely yours.

  7. What was your first ever job?

    By now, I have had many jobs, but the one I consider my first serious job as an airport security controller at Arlanda Airport, Stockholm.

  8. Did you always know youd work at your current position or was it a different kind of journey? Describe your path. 

    At the age of 14, we had the assignment to write my book” where we were encouraged to write about our young life and what we wanted to become when we grew up. Already then I wrote in my book that I wanted to become an engineer. I actually graduated as a Civil Engineer. But there are different kinds of engineers. What they all have in common is an excellent ability to solve problems!Ive been a ranger group commander during my military service period. Ive worked as a strategic management consultant, an Account manager and as Key Account manager and later a Nordic commercial sales manager. Ive also run and managed my own companies and led colleagues towards a common goal.

    Today Im CEO of Northprim and I can say that Ive achieved what I wanted to do at the age of 14. Ive been and I’m still solving problems in my current role!

  9. Whats a work-related accomplishment at Northprim youre most proud of?

    Though I’m still only 4 months old here in Northprim, I am happy to have made great connections with customers.  Now I need to nurture and grow these relationships.

  10. If you could add one thing/object to your office desk right now, what would it be and why?

    A flower to make my workplace more green and inviting.

  11. What historical figure would you like to meet for lunch today?

    Mansa Musa, Malcolm X and Nelson Mandela!

  12. Was there any other question you would have liked to see on this list and how would you answer it?

    If I had only possessed one object in this life what would it be? The answer: a picture of my wife and kids.

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