December 9, 2022

A new age of travel is upon us – and technology and travel have never worked more closely together! The final result of this epic collaboration has been termed ‘Travel Tech’ and it stands for all the latest innovations within the travel industry, powered by top-tier technological advances. A matter of fact is: it’s time to join the tech side or risk getting left behind. Wondering how to make such a significant leap? And an ally to help you with the transition? Look no further than Northprim. Here’s how we see the situation: 

The demand says TECH!

People’s preference towards digitalized travel operations is so prevalent that, according to a Google Travel study, 74% of travelers plan their trips online. A significant factor is the generational shift, where younger travellers and equally passionate about travel and new technology. This is why social media, apps, blogs have an important part to play when it’s time to play a trip. As a result, the industry has become aware of this trend, has followed suit by adapting its business model and products accordingly. Ready to keep up?

Old protocols cannot support the demands of the future

Old-world EDIFACT protocol technically don’t allow content distribution and customer data acquisition. This is why major airlines such as Lufthansa, British Airways and Air Canada have developed their own New Distribution Capabilities (NDCs). This simply refers to a data exchange format developed for airlines to create and distribute relevant offers to the customer regardless of the distribution channel! 

Over 245 companies have switched to NDC

While in the GDS traditional distribution channel your Agency is issuing the ticket using the GDS/Ticketing System provider solution, the NDC transaction is issued by the airline itself. However, an increasingly large number of companies is transitioning to NDC solutions and they mostly include airlines, IT providers, sellers, and aggregators.

What Northprim can do for you

Northprim has already collaborated with TravelOperations and Antares and created optimal solutions. The ERP is the core of any business and needs to be handled delicately so as not to disturb the daily business and at the same time keeping the transition costs at an all-time low.

Case study: Northprim x DIB Travel

DIB Travel is a Swedish business travel company that is now a pioneer of complete digitalization of travel using game-changing tech innovation.

Our Northprim pros have developed a SaaS platform for corporate travel management, including travel booking and billing. Result: a platform that makes business travel an enjoyable and convenient experience which allows our customers to book their entire trip in one place.

We’ll be honest – we were faced with serious challenges:

  • 5 DIB employees + a few consultants
  • Need of aggressive scale up to build the platform
  • General lack of Tech and Product people in the market

This is how we handled it all:

  • Opened a development hub on behalf of DIB
  • Recruited 40 tech people during a course of 9 months
  • Built a development organization by establishing 5 product teams, set development-, release- and production maintenance processes



Now, it’s time for you to take the leap with Northprim – no faith needed, we have all the stats and pros to be absolutely sure you’ll achieve your goal. Let’s reach for the tech stars together!

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