November 23, 2022

Imagine a developer’s typical working day.

If you’re not in this industry, we’ll paint you a picture: several projects at the same time, tight deadlines, “minor” changes, persistent error messages… If it sounds overwhelming – that’s because it definitely is. So what can a developer do to stay on top of everything and even improve their productivity? We asked none other than – our own developers, so here are the top 5 tips straight from a Northprim developer’s den:

1. Taking notes?

We’ve already mentioned endless task lists and several projects that are due…ASAP. Very often, depending on the way workflow is organized in a company, a dedicated team lead or manager keeps track of everyone’s progress. Though this type of monitoring is very useful for keeping the general workflow going, it doesn’t necessarily end there. Our developers said it themselves – make sure to have your personal backlog of unfinished work to keep track! 

2. Communication is key

Most mistakes at work happen due to unclear instructions or vaguely-worded reports. In other words – miscommunication can send you several steps back. Since developers are surely aiming for precision and efficiency, it is of great importance to have one dedicated person who would clearly delegate tasks and organize regular check-ins. If you are a part of a smaller crew, you can organize weekly team meetings to make sure that everyone is up to date and understands their respective tasks clearly.

3. Quick Start

Not a morning person? Or are you not sure where to start once you’re in the office? Our developers use a neat hack: start with small, less significant tasks! Getting a few items off your to-do list is bound to feel like a great kick-start at the beginning of the day and set the tone for the rest of your activities. The same applies to complex projects – segment them into smaller parts and tackle them individually.

4. One Test at a Time

Speaking of segmentation – once you’re done with a certain part of your task, don’t cross it off just yet! Here’s another piece of advice from our developers: in order to avoid countless hours of searching for possible mistakes later on, make sure to test and verify every single step of the way. Even if it looks like you’re spending extra time on only one segment, it will save you time in the long run!

5. All Fun and Games

All work and no play makes any developer exhausted. If your company has already provided a “chill zone” with all the necessary amenities – make sure to include a proper break into your daily work routine to avoid burnout! Even if there’s no designated break space where you work, take regular breaks and step away from the screen: take a walk around your building, have a snack and a chat with your colleagues, anything that allows you to change your environment and keep you steady, but also ready for any upcoming challenges.

Though there are many different ways you can improve your day-to-day productivity, we made sure to select the top five that can be applied regardless of the size and type of company you work in. If you have any additional tips you want to share from first-hand experience, follow us on our social media channels (Instagram and LinkedIn) and let us know there!

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